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The Ghostbusters Discord is an ever growing community that prides itself in being a fun, safe place to enjoy the world and fandom of Ghostbusters. Our members shine from all over the world, bringing together some of the best minds and talent who help contribute to everything from builds to fan celebration as well as anything in between.

A Few Topics We Have

At Ghostbusters Discord, we have over 80 channels of content to choose from. No matter what level of fan you are, we've got you covered.


RPG Game

Ready to battle some ghosts with friends, right from chat? Level up, equip gear, boss battles and more!

Role Play

Into Ghostbusters roleplay? We've got you covered! Custom profiles for RP in an ever evolving campaign.


Have the tools to go with that talent? SHOW US! Thinking of making your own? Ask around in our equipment channels and your sure find something amazing, like the gear featured above by Ecto Supreme.


Who doesn't like stuff for free? We giveaway items found on TeePublic for free! See channel for details and entry.


Our community is packed with hundreds of artists. Something new almost daily. From doodles to masterpieces, your sure to enjoy what these talented members come up with. The about art is by PizzaPlazam!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Can't stop talking about Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Neather can we! Come share your thoughts on the new movie with us.
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