New Year, New GB Art!

Comin’ in hot during the cold season, we’ve got a couple of examples of folks who brave the winter chills by warming up with some fun GB fan art!

Courtesy of GBD user BadMoonArisin and friend Cancert_Z, the pair bring Egon Spengler right out of The Real Ghostbusters and into their game. In this update ‘BadMoon’ wanted to share what they wanted to include in a proposed instruction manual or future completed artbook!

This wall of spooks n’ specters are being brought to life by GBD user OATS, showcasing some great character work, along with a sneaky cameo by a certain GBD Staff member.
Each and every entity, if they haven’t already, will be turned into a pixel-art gif and have their sprites animated to have them pop off your screen! For now, though, these ghastly ghouls will have to come off a bit…sketchy.

As always, a special thanks to our members, and a shout out to keep up the wonderful work!