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Our partner program is for other Ghostbusters related groups and sites.

Ghostbusters World Hub – Contact:@LuminousSpecter – Ghostbusters World Hub, aka GB World Hub, is a fan-created website that started out as the world’s source for the mobile AR adventure game Ghostbusters World. Since the end of GBW, we’ve decided to begin expanding to include all Ghostbusters games. It was created entirely by fans of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters World.

The EctoCast – Contact:@GM of EctoCast – What’s this you say?  An actual play RPG Podcast?!  Why yes, yes, it is.  We here at Saga Games would like to welcome you to our premier into Podcasting!  Welcome to EctoCast! In this podcast you will hear the charming musings of five “good” friends delightfully, and frightfully, capturing ghosts in this Ghostbuster themed Role Playing Game, all led by Ghostmaster Matt! 

Pizza Plazm – Staten Island NYC based freelance artist that sells his original pieces and prints of nerdy pop culture art. Available anytime for commissioned pieces of any kind. As seen on

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Each of our Partners gets a special role in the community and access to bonus channels! All we ask in return is a link back to this site or our community. For more details, please see Mr. E within the community.