FROZEN EMPIRE Fan Art Is Here To Cool You Off!

Less than a week after Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire being announced, fans all over have already taken to their digital canvases to show off their skills! Here we have two excellent examples from a few of our talented members from GBD.

We’ve all heard that The Real Ghostbusters was a big inspiration for the upcoming cannon sequel, but how about a Frozen Empire inspired RGB Firehouse! Crafted by the appropriately named member ReelGhostbusters, this fan art gives us a peek into the a fun alternate take that’s just plain cool.

Not only do we get a small glimpse of the upcoming antagonist for the guys and gals in khaki, but our very own member KingMera has once again knocked it out of the park with her own interpretation of this cool new baddie!

We absolutely love our member’s art and can’t wait to see more!