Ghostbusters Discord’s Suit-Up Contest 2023!

Whether you’re a rookie in your snazzy new flight-suit, or a battle-scarred veteran equally covered in equipment and ectoplasm, we want to see all the tools and talent we have!

It’s certainly busy season for those in the business of busting, and everyone in the Firehouse is buzzing with the excitement of getting out there to show folks how we do things downtown.

What better way to display our beautiful khaki family than to, well, display them. Fortunately, the GBD Staff have coined just such an opportunity,

Suit-Up Contest 2023 will be held within the next week, from October 24th – October 31st, with winners being picked and voted upon for prizes on Halloween!

Be sure to check out the #announcement channel for all info, rules and conditions.

May the best Buster win!