GBD Reaches 1600 Members!

Congratulations, Busters!

We’ve crossed another milestone (rather quickly) into 1600 members!

All of us on the Staff team have to give it up for each and every member for making GBD not only the server for all things Ghostbusters, but one of the safest places for our fandom to express ourselves and thrive!

To those who continue to support GBD through boosts, we certainly cannot thank you enough. Every person who contributes keep all of our favorite Server Perks active and available for everyone to use.

If you haven’t already, just remember; A single boost goes a long way and helps everyone in the server tremendously. So let’s get those rookie numbers up just like our absolutely wonderful, and ever increasing, member count!

Lastly, to our new friends;
We welcome you with open arms and a big firehouse.

To our old friends;
Thank you, wholeheartedly, for believing in us and making it possible for us to be ready to believe you!

Happy Busting!

  • Ghostbusters Discord Staff

(“Celebratory Slimer” by Ghost a.k.a. Kysghost)