Slimer Bot

I’d like to introduce you to our exclusive Discord bot, Slimer!

He is full of attitude, sass, lame jokes and odd timing. We try to keep up with all the different commands and keep at going list within the confides of the chatroom, but the list is pretty vast.

Before you ask, no, you cannot use this bot in your own server. You are more than welcome to enjoy his company in the Ghostbusters’ Discord community though.

To get the full list of commands in Discord, use the command ??help or use ??menu for this list.

βš™οΈGeneral Commands

??serverinfo – Show server information.
??help – Show all commands
??sw – Start or stop the stopwatch.
??userinfo – Display your info or someone else
??avatar – Gets user avatar
??bookmarks -Use the reaction ⭐ to save a post to your bookmarks. Use the command to show your saved stuff.
??whoplays – Find someone who plays that game
??remind – Slimer will send you a reminder in 10 min to feed the cats if you use ??remind 10m Feed the Cats!

πŸ”ˆ Audio
??play – Play a URL or search for a track.
??now – Get info about what is playing
??playlist – Playlist configuration options.
??queue – List the queue.
??remove – Remove a specific track number from the queue.
??repeat – Toggle repeat.
??shuffle – Toggle shuffle.
??skip- Skip to the next track.
??stop – Stop playback and clear the queue.
??volume – Set the volume, 1% – 150%.

🎲  Fun 
??8 – Ask 8 ball a question.
??flip – Flip a coin… or a user.
??rps – Play Rock Paper Scissors
??trivia – Start trivia session.
??chatchart – Get a graph of channel traffic
??joke – Get a Phoebe joke
??connect4 – Play connect 4,( must @someone when starting.)
??monopoly – Play Ghostbuster themed Monopoly with AI or up-to 8 players!
??bday – Want a special message on your birthday? Use this command to set it up.
??pixl – Guess the image before time runs out (Multiplayer or solo)
??tarot – Get your daily reading, life reading or just a random one
??ttt – Play Tic-Tac-Toe

πŸ›‘οΈ Adventure

A quick how to: Set off on an adventure to hunt ghosts, spooks, specters, and more in this RPG text based game. You will be given an option upon starting your adventure:
BLAST– Deal physical damage to the enemy with proton streams.
ESP– Use your mind powers to deal psychic blasts to the creature.
PKE– Use the PKE to find the creature’s weak spot. This doesn’t do damage but the other busters who use Blast or ESP will get bonus damage if it is successful.
TRAP– Attempt to capture the ghost.
RUN– Seems obvious, but you run away avoiding the conflict. Sometimes it’s better to live to see another day.
The game will allow you choose a character class at level 10.
Don’t forget to Rebirth to gain higher levels!
Other Commands include:
??a – start a reaction based adventure
??apayday – Get free in game credits
??backpack – See your cool gear
??equip – Equip that cool gear
??stats – See your stats
??loot – That’s some sweet loot your have!

πŸ“œ ProfileΒ 
??profile – Display profile
??lvlset – Change profile settings
??backgrounds – View the available backgrounds
??buybadge – View badges you can get on your profile
??profilehelper – View some info to help you set up your profile

πŸ’° Bank
??bal – Check your balance
??payday – get $$ every 24hr

πŸ’¬ XP Store
??store – Look at gear and roles to buy, type a number for your choice
??inv – Apply gear or roles you have

Β Ghostbusters
??quote – display a random quote
??slime – @someone to slime them
??GBD – Server links and info
??trivia ghostbusters – multiplayer or single player trivia.Β 
??wiki – Lookup information from GB Fandom
??GBDmusic – Get a custom Ghostbusters soundtrack collection anytime in voice chat!
??badge – Don’t forget to grab a free employee badge!
??cert – Get a custom certificate
??ref – Search in Discord!