That was a close one

A short story by AI

Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon were the Ghostbusters, and they were the best in the business. They caught ghosts for a living, and they were damn good at it. But sometimes, even the best can make mistakes.

One night, they received a call from a distressed family. The family claimed that their house was being haunted by a particularly malevolent spirit, one that was capable of causing physical harm. The Ghostbusters knew that this was serious, and they raced to the scene in their Ecto-mobile.

When they arrived at the house, they found that it was a sprawling mansion, with ivy-covered walls and a spooky atmosphere. As they made their way inside, they could feel the chill in the air, and they heard strange whispers and whispers.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before them, a ghostly apparition that seemed to be made of mist and shadow. The Ghostbusters sprang into action, firing their proton packs at the ghost. But something went wrong.

The proton beams overloaded, and the ghost exploded into a shower of ectoplasmic energy. The blast was so powerful that it knocked Ray to the ground, his body writhing in pain. The other Ghostbusters rushed to his side, but it was clear that he was badly hurt.

They loaded him into the Ecto-mobile and sped back to their headquarters. Egon worked frantically to save Ray, while the other Ghostbusters stood by, feeling helpless. It was touch and go for a while, but eventually, Ray pulled through.

But the damage was done. The blast had caused a lot of destruction, leaving the mansion in ruins. The Ghostbusters were forced to pay for the repairs, and they were reprimanded by the authorities for their reckless behavior.

Despite the danger and the damage, the Ghostbusters continued their work. They knew that they had a responsibility to protect people from the supernatural forces that lurked in the shadows, no matter the cost. And so, they drove through the streets of New York City, ready to face whatever horrors awaited them.