Listen, do you smell something?

The Ghostbusters Discord Podcast is recorded by members of the server on the app. @EricVoltage hosts while @AceofTricks and @MrE discuss a variety of topics from member builds and art to news and information. We have server guests come on from time to time so we get the whole community involved. So sit back, grab some headphones and join us in this funny and informative podcast.

Ep 5 – The Afterlife isn’t dead!

We’re back, and so is a new Ghostbusters movie! SPOILERS ahead as we discuss our take on the movie, community updates and the HasLab proton pack.

Ep 4 – Paranormal, PKEs and the Idaho cover up.

We dive into the paranormal and personal experiences, PKE meters and ghost detecting, something about potatoes.

Ep 3 – GBW & Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerators

In this episode we talk about two main topics- Ghostbusters World and Proton Packs. We weigh in on the game thus far with special guest @LuminousSpecter who owns a website pertaining. The group also discuss proton packs and making them.

Ep 2 – It has a shiny case

This time we talk about Ectomobiles, video game remaster and new 35 year steelbook.

Ep 1 – GB35

In this episode we discuss – Ghostbusters Day 35 years strong, News about GB20, the soundboard app and much more.