Mayor Sylvia O’Malley

by @Gwen in Doubt It’s a tad rushed since it’s about 4:30 for me, but here’s a supporting character in my ghostbusters story, Mayor Sylvia O’Malley! Drew this in Clip Studio Paint to test it out, so it’s not the best but it’s a good test sketch

Call the Ghostbusters – Issue 1

“Spring, 1985. Five months after saving the world from Gozer the Gozerian, New York City continues to have paranormal problems of all kinds! So who do they call? The GHOSTBUSTERS, that’s who! After another tiring day of ghost riddled work, the boys in gray head back to HQ for a night of relaxation. However, things are about to get hot when an old flame of Peter’s barges back into his life, and she’s not alone … Get ready to believe again with Issue 1 of Call The Ghostbusters!”

Egon S.

Artwork by @【Sleepy Khan】#3115

The Toy Store

Artwork uploaded by @RaNDOM#0792

IDW Egon Doodle

Art work uploaded by @Gwen In Doubt


Artwork by PizzaPlazm